After countless hours of trying to think of a website idea, it finally clicked.

Create a gateway to help fulfill one of the UK's little guilty pleasures, online clothes shopping. Our aim is to be the start of your journey for buying new clothes online, by providing you with one of the largest and most diverse collections of shopping brands in the UK. 

Threadbase was created by two students from Northumbria University.

Callum Whitehouse - Developed the website

Dane Ridley - The man behind the graphic designs.

A little thank you to Adam (Adz) McKenna who was always on hand with his development expertise.


The website is still in its infancy so there are a few areas that still need some work. The planned changes for the future include allowing the category titles on the home page to be clicked which will take you to the category page and allowing user accounts so that you can favourite the websites that you love.

If you wish to see any more features, please get in touch via the contact page, thanks!